Naked Science - Angry Earth

Naked Science - Angry Earth

Sir Mark Frederick McKinney

7 months
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2004 Documentary - Naked Science Season 1 - Angry Earth

Naked Science is an American documentary television series that premiered in 2004 on the National Geographic Channel. The programme features various subjects related to science and technology.

What can science tell us about the fury of our Angry Earth? Can science do anything to protect us? Might we one day be able to predict the quakes? Or are we at the mercy of the awesome power of nature?

Around the world, millions live under the threat of an earthquake disaster. In the last century, more than 1 million people died in earthquakes. Over the next century, it is feared that number could increase ten-fold. Why? Because Earthquakes don't kill people. Buildings do. And urban populations are increasing so fast that we now have 'mega-cities'. We discover the seismic vulnerability of some of the world's mega cities and the threat posed to millions of people all over the world.


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